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“As a serial entrepreneur who built and sold a business in the pet industry, I appreciate how much pet business value is packed into The Woof! If you are in this space, this is a must-read newsletter for you. ”

Darrell LernerSerial Entrepreneur / Founder of AllPaws (Acquired by PetSmart)

“The content and caliber of pet industry experts The Woof features are top-notch. It's digestible format makes it easy for me to read while on the go”

Shaina DennyCEO at Dogdrop

“The Woof is the best roundup of pet news in the industry. I look forward to each week's newsletter so I can learn about trends in the industry, plus it's packaged up in such a fun/easy way to read! ”

Allison Esposito MedinaFounder of Juniper

“Love what Roy and the team are doing at The Woof! I read it every week and they always unearth interesting pet news and perspectives from real people building in the industry. ”

Greg KamstraCEO RiverDog

“I love The Woof! It is the perfect mix of cutting-edge industry/business/health trends, entertaining anecdotes, and of course cute photos! I can get everything I need/want in one newsletter, and being a better-informed dog mom means my dog is going to live a happier, healthier life. And the happier my pet is, the happier I am (obviously).”

Alison LevineKeynote speaker & NYT Bestselling Author

“As a proud dad of two cats, The Woof is my go-to source for anything pet-industry related. Having built a successful newsletter publication I know how important it is to deliver high-quality and valuable content to busy readers. The Woof hits the perfect balance between industry coverage, insights, and some much needed pet-utainment to put things in perspective! ”

Neer SharmaFounder - Patent Drop, a leading publication with 50k subs on the world of Tech and Patents